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How Do You Stop Or Deal With Manipulative Parents?

Born To Win!: Success Strategies for Young Businesses and New Entrepreneurs

5 June 2007

Are You Stressed At Home and Still Doing Far Too Much?

Are you stressed at home and still doing far too much?
  • Are you stressed at home and still mopping up after your older children?
  • Do you have older children or teenagers who are not taking responsibility for their actions?
  • Do your children have total disrespect for you?
  • Are you sick and tired of the constant energy drain?
  • Do you just hate the mornings when it’s time to wake up older children because all you get back is a mouthful?
  • Are you in the firing line every morning?
  • Do you still do all the housework, go to work and are over-tired?
  • Do you have difficulty letting go of your children so that they can gain their own independence?
  • Do your children know how to do the washing up?
  • Do you smother your children with kindness even though you know it is more harmful than good?
  • Do you find it hard to say NO to your children?
  • Do you have children who use your home like a rubbish tip?
  • Would you like to free up more of your time so that you can have more quality, leisure and pleasure time with your family?
  • Would you like to have an organised home that runs smoothly?

    If you have answered YES, then join us for this Tele-Seminar

    You will learn:
  • How to take the stress out of your day
  • How you too can have your household running smoothly
  • How you can get your older children to take responsibility for their actions
  • How to create more time for yourself and your family
  • How to gain or re-gain the respect that you deserve

    Your Investment: Just £27 (inc vat)

    Date: Wednesday 13 June 2007
    Time: 8.00pm UK time.

    Easy Payment methods by Paypal using your credit card or debit card (you don’t have to have a paypal account – just an email address) or BACS (Bank Transfer)

    Register Now! Send an email to Seminar@PositiveInspirationS.co.uk to book your place and enjoy this Tele-Seminar from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is phone in at 8.00pm to take part. Calls cost 1p per minute. You will get further joining instructions when you Register for the event. Put Tele-Seminar in the subject header of the email. Book Now!

    Those tips are really working. I can actually take time away from my nine year old son now who was really clingy before. I can go to my room for ten minutes now without being disturbed and it’s better than before. He is getting a bit more independent now and wants to go out by himself to the corner shop and do things by himself as he feels all grown up now. But I know that it’s me really that’s been holding onto him and I know that I need to start letting go. I will be joining a part time course in August. Thank you.
    Rajbinder Somal, Parent

    I feel so much lighter now. It feels like the pressure of the driving test has gone. My driving test seems just like a simple, little every day task now, instead of the big challenge it used to be. I can also support my partner more now instead of always being negative and knock every good idea he had in the past.
    Donna Campbell, Parent

    ‘It’s all falling into place now! I thought I was going mad’ (with tears in her eyes)
    Carol, Sure Start Parent

    ‘I was feeling tired, anxious, confused and lacking confidence about whether to leave my current full time job that I love, to work part time because I wanted to spend more quality time with my son of 16 months. I was feeling guilty about him being at nursery and that I was leaving for work early in the morning and only having a short time to spend with him in the evenings, including cooking and cleaning. I had already approached my Supervisor about leaving my full time job and he didn’t want me to go. I love my job and have the responsibility for managing the whole Section.

    After working with Jennifer, I felt so totally self assured, confident and calmer in myself and had peace of mind in the decision I had made to stay full time in my current role. I had clarity of what I needed to do for the best for myself and my son and I am confident in my ability to find more creative ways and quality time to spend with him’.
    Zalika, Boots

    I am a single parent and have two boys myself, 11 and 16 years of age. My 16 year old can cook (and cooks the best pasta bake that I have ever tasted!!!!!), iron, knows how to clean and wash his own clothes and is responsible for getting himself up in the morning. Gone are the days when I used to endure his Billy Goat Gruff attitude first thing in the morning trying to wake him up, which would leave me totally stressed out and feeling out of sorts for the morning!

    Although he doesn’t have to wash his own clothes, he ends up doing it from time to time, however, if he has run out of all his favourite clothes! If your children are anything like mine, they only wear their favourite clothes!

    I wash his clothes providing they are in the laundry room available for me to wash them!

    “When you go for what you really want in life, you are helping people more than you realise.”
    Jennifer McLeod © 2006

    I don’t normally watch much television and certainly didn’t used to watch programmes like Wife Swop. I happened to watch my first real episode quite recently, by chance, only because my children were watching it and I thought I would chill out with them at that time.

    I found it quite intriguing for all different reasons. One of the episodes that I do remember quite distinctly is where a mother of five children was still doing everything for her 21 year old son (and everyone else), including waking him up every morning and cleaning up his dog’s mess every day! After her Wife Swop experience, she was able to (reluctantly!) allow him to take responsibility for his own actions and make decisions for himself. Is this you?

    Children need boundaries and need to learn to take responsibilities for their actions and accountability. This is their preparation for going out into the big wide world!

    “Beating yourself up doesn’t make your situation any better; in fact, it only prolongs it.”
    Jennifer McLeod © 2006

    We will be having regular Tele-Seminars over the next few months. Tell me what you want to cover regarding Parenting, Relationships, And Young People. What are your parenting needs that you need to tackle right now?

    Your Investment: Just £27 (inc vat)

    Date: Wednesday 13 June 2007
    Time: 8.00pm UK time.

    Easy Payment methods by Paypal using your credit card or debit card (you don’t have to have a paypal account – just an email address) or BACS (Bank Transfer)

    Register Now! Send an email to Seminar@PositiveInspirationS.co.uk to book your place and enjoy this Tele-Seminar from the comfort of your own home. All you have to do is phone in at 8.00pm to take part. Calls cost 1p per minute. You will get further joining instructions when you Register for the event. Put Tele-Seminar in the subject header of the email. Book Now!

    As ever,
    With Inspirational Blessings
    Jennifer McLeod

    PS: Join us to see how you could take control of your life today and take the stress out of your day
    PPS: Book NOW to have your home and life running the way you really want it!

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With Inspirational Blessings
Jennifer McLeod

2 June 2007

Working with Young People

  • Step Up! International Ltd

    Born To Win! Programme For Young People

    We help Young People to create the life they want as apposed to the life that they fall into.

    You know how some young people find it difficult to believe in themselves today or to ignore peer pressure? Which sometimes makes it difficult for them to do the right thing, concentrate on their education or even stay out of trouble? Well, we help young people to have the SELF BELIEF to create the life they want as apposed to the life that they fall into, which means that they can take action today to make it happen!

    “You have within you an inner guidance that always knows what you need to do. Trusting this inner guidance will set you free and help you to move the obstacles that you once considered to be mountains.”
    Jennifer McLeod © 2005

    Vision Statement

    Our vision is to make a difference in taking Parents and Young People to their highest levels of conscious awareness.

    Mission Statement

    Step Up! International Ltd is committed to providing the best possible quality and highest possible quantity of service in the best possible spirit to all our clients.

    We strive to deliver our services with the passion necessary to take parents and young people to their highest levels of being ‘there’. ‘There’ being where our clients are able to be or want to be on their journey of their own personal and professional development and fulfilment.

    We work with clients who are willing to learn and grow and who want the best for their team members.

    We work from an ethical standpoint, ensuring the greatest possible level of integrity in everything that we do.

    We work within an holistic framework, developing ourselves and our clients from a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical perspective, ensuring our clients’ true growth and success.

    “Set yourself up to WIN in life.”
    Jennifer McLeod © 2006

Who Is Our Born To Win! Programme For?

Our Born To Win! Programme is for ANY Young Person who:

Is from age 14 -19 years

Is in school or any other educational establishments and existing formal structures and frameworks

Is out of school and is being supported by other agencies such as Referral Units

Is part of the N.E.A.T. (Neither in Education And Training) programme and processes

Is ambitious

Has lost all self belief

Has little or no confidence and low self esteem

On the borderline of achievement and non-achievement

Are throwing their life away just to fit in with their peer group

Whose home life is affecting their studies and the learning environment

Have taken on too much and are struggling to fit it all in

Have potential but are not performing to their ability

Habitually Self harm

Have low aspirations

Believe that they could not get anything else other than the lowest paid job

Are feeling guilty, afraid, angry, or generally not feeling that they are good enough

Is a Teenage parent or parent-to-be

Just wants someone to believe in them!

Is doing well and want to do even better!

Who wants to move from good to great to excellent!

Wants to ensure they achieve the exam grades that they need

How Do We Do That?

We have Solutions for Young People as part of our Born To Win! Programmes ranging from:

  • Workshops
  • 1:1 Coaching
  • Modular accredited coaching programmes for smaller groups of young people needing more intensive work or on a 1:1 basis
  • Solutions for Teenage Parents and Teenage Parents To Be

    Benefits Of Young People Using Our Service includes:

  • Our Young People’s Solutions focuses on the young person as a whole person and not just on any particular one aspect, e.g. academic achievement
  • Our solutions pay for themselves!
  • Have someone else believe in them
  • Our reputation is second to none!
  • We are independent and impartial from parents, educational establishments or other agencies.
  • Our Unique, highly successful Easy Tiger™ Parenting Models for young people, together with our 21 Day Parent Coaching Model
  • Opportunity to share with others and build support networks
  • After Service support systems and structures
  • New Life! New Freedom! New You!

    “Get Yourself out of the way so the REAL YOU can get going.”
    Jennifer McLeod © 2005

    Benefits To Educational Establishments and Other Agencies working with us, includes:

  • Getting the right result for the young person
  • Helping you to achieve your targets
  • Ease your frustration in supporting the young person of having their breakthroughs
  • Help to keep the young person within your existing framework, structures and programmes
  • Inspire and enable the young person to have self belief
  • Higher achievements and attainments for the young person and your organization
  • Our independent and impartial approach
  • Our ability to connect with young people.


    Our successful Born To Win! Programme has helped Young People in different ways to have their breakthroughs and take control of their life. Don’t just take our word for it,
    here’s what some young people and others have to say about our services:

    ‘This is the best Workshop we’ve had’
    Birmingham University Student

    It was useful to understand our goals broken down and the steps needed for us to progress forward, for ourselves and no one else.
    Michaela, Halesowen College Student

    I really enjoyed the Workshop; it really boosted my self confidence and made me realise there are so many opportunities out there for me.
    Rufaro, Halesowen College Student

    The Workshop opened our minds about what we can achieve not just for our families, but mostly today, I learnt that it was important for me to achieve for myself.
    La Tanya Mais, Halesowen College Student

    The sessions provided a rare opportunity for students to think broadly about what it means to ‘create their own success’. While all 8 tools were essential in helping students realise this phrase, I felt that the breakdown of the Life Action Plan and the Success Mindset Principles™ were very practical exercises that showed students how to pull apart and understand their aspirations and life choices. It also helped students learn from previous accomplishments, which I find an amazingly useful tool in my own life. Your workshops reminded students (and myself to be honest) that the onus is upon the individual to create the future they’d like to have. However, it also showed the importance of identifying available support and making full use of it.
    Rashidah Andrews, Training Consultant, Halesowen College

    Jennifer’s Talk tonight has helped to confirm and clarify my vision. It has pushed me to finish writing my plan (or else it will only remain a dream!). Tonight was a BLESSING J
    Nadine Grant, Women of Destiny

    ‘Can we do this again Miss?’
    Year 8 Pupil, Castle Vale School

    ‘From today, I will not to let anyone put me down’
    ‘I will value each opportunity I receive’
    ‘I am starting to think about how I can do what I want instead of how I can’t’
    ‘Start thinking about how I can do what I want instead of how I can’t’
    ‘How to break down the problem of getting a job into manageable chunks’
    City College Students

    ‘The Workshop to help young girls to achieve their dreams was very inspirational. The majority of the 90 girls who took part were really interested in finding out how to reach their goals and benefited not only from the stepped approach from the fact that they were told they could achieve whatever they put their mind to.

    The girls were actively involved in both the Talk and Workshops and enjoyed making their dream-boards as it gave them a chance to reflect on their future (both long and short term) which they do not really get time for in the busy life of school.

    I would definitely recommend the workshops to other schools as it inspired both students and staff to give things a go and really believe that they can reach their goal and I would definitely have you back again.’
    Louise Maher, PSHE Coordinator, Head of Year 11, Perry Beeches School

    So What Does All Of This Cost You?

    Contact Jennifer McLeod directly on +44 (0)121 551 1668 or +44 (0) 845 056 3840 or email info@PositiveInspirations.co.uk for further details and a FREE 20 minute Consultation with no obligation to buy!!

    “Step Up! to the song inside of you. Following through with that thing that makes your heart sing is likely to help you find your life purpose. Then you will really have something to sing about!”
    Jennifer McLeod © 2007

    With Inspirational Blessings
    Jennifer McLeod

Parents asking for government to change School Uniform pricing

Today, parents are asking for the UK government to revise its guidelines on school uniform so that they have more choices about where they buy school uniform. Some schools have specific agreements with some school uniform suppliers making it mandatory for parents to buy school uniforms from them. The suppliers prices are generally far more expensive than prices on the high street.

As a single parent with two children, I want to be able to buy the uniform for the price that my budget can afford and not from the shop that is stipulated by the school or government.

One parent's views on the news was that irrespective where the school uniform is bought, the quality is always sub standard,

What are your views?

With Inspirational Blessings
Jennifer McLeod