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How Do You Stop Or Deal With Manipulative Parents?

Born To Win!: Success Strategies for Young Businesses and New Entrepreneurs

28 February 2011

On my way to my Easy Tiger Parents' Programme. Looking forward to Liberating
more parents!

26 February 2011

"If we never faced adversity, our well-being wouldn't be as sweet" ~ Terry
It is our 'internal world' that is creating all the conditions in our lives,
our 'external world' ~ It is too easy to blame other people for things that
we don't like in our lives

25 February 2011

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22 February 2011

Just published my 'Born To Win! Success Strategies Ebook on Amazon Kindle.
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Nights out

21 February 2011

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Nights out

19 February 2011

My 15 year old son is doing the shopping by himself again today! He's
helping me out because of my knees. And .. .. . . he offered to do it!! I
never thought I would get him or his brother near a shop to do any REAL
shopping, but hey presto! There's always a positive in EVERY negative
situation - we've just got to look for it. Have a fab weekend :-)

18 February 2011

Just checking out my new domain name with Go Daddy!
Wishing you all a peaceful, abundantly filled, vibrant weekend!
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Just had some healing with my balancing crystals. Feel so energized, and ..
"Be stubborn, but not when life is trying to tell you the opposite of what
you want to hear, otherwise don't blame destiny or God for your own
mistakes." ~ Anon
"If you want to succeed, double your failure rate". Thomas Watson, IBM

17 February 2011

PARENTS WANTED! I have had a request from BBC3 TV regarding filming my Easy
Tiger Parents Programmes and in particular following parents progress over a
period time, especially parents with teenage children.

Are you a parent with teenage children? If so, see BBC 3 TV's request here:
In the middle of sorting out my published and unpublished books and eBooks
and also which ones have yet to be published to Amazon Kindle!

16 February 2011

It's better to be safe than sorry! http://bit.ly/e8FQKt
A web browser geared towards Children's Internet Safety
http://ping.fm/l0CiA we all know how easy - and
scary it is for children to easily access the internet these days. Here's a
web browser to help you to protect them
Oh dear, British university students are likely to go ABROAD to study
instead at a far reduced price for university fees. The British government
is having a laugh at our youngsters expense!!!
Do you know anyone who is going through a hard time with their parents
because of manipulative parenting? A child or an adult child? How Do You
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15 February 2011

And it's started! Sales of my Amazon Kindle ebook How Do You Stop or Deal
With Manipulative Parents? Get your copy here:
Who lies for you will lie against you! ~
Hope is faith holding out is hand in the dark ~
"Your attitude about who you are and what you have is a very little thing
that makes a very big difference" ~Theodore Roosevelt

11 February 2011

How Do You Stop Or Deal With Manipulative Parents

Here's my first Kindle book on Dealing with Manipulative Parents. Check it
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Jennifer McLeod
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Don't despair, just prepare!

Anything that has happened to us in the past is just preparation for what we
will become. Some people ALLOW themselves to stay stuck in the past because
of these experiences, whilst others use the experiences to move them
forward. So in essence, you could say 'Thank you' instead of 'why me?'

10 February 2011

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If you don't like the people or circumstances around you, then CHANGE...YOU!
Change you, so you stop attracting those kinds of people and those kinds of
Enjoying my daily breakfast of inspirational nuggets from the likes of Brian
Tracy and catching up on my Turkish. Merhaba to all my Turkish friends out

9 February 2011

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something
else is the greatest accomplishment!" Ralph Waldo Emerson. Yes, I really
like that quote and true

7 February 2011

Anyway, off to LIBERATE other parents on one of my new Easy Tiger Parents
This is so funny! I rang one of my Easy Tiger Parents Programme Graduates
last week as part of our normal 3 - 12 month Progress Review just to see how
she was getting on post the programme. And guess what? She refused to talk
to me!!! Why? Because she was in the middle of her 'ME TIME' activity :-),
which was something that she learnt to do and developed whilst she was on
the programme. :-) I guess the programme is still working for her then!!!!
And she completed the programme over 12 months ago. Brilliant!

6 February 2011

Sheer Brilliance in action! Dr John Demartini. He has some short Events now
as well as his weekend Breakthrough Experience Event.
http://ping.fm/WVF9F His audio programmes are the
only ones that my SON has ever asked to borrow! And his brother thinks that
I have brainwashed him! Have a look see which event suits you best
Just published my first Amazon Kindle book. Will let you have details as
soon as Amazon has reviewed the book and released it for sale. In the
meantime, check out my Born To Win book here http://tinyurl.com/66punm
See my latest article 'Domestic Violence and Abuse Go Orders' here:

5 February 2011

I will be watching 'La Femme Nikita' in 10 minutes. Anyone else like this TV
programme? I think her and Michael are brilliant!
Just checking my keywords for my articles
Have a great weekend everyone - whatever you are doing!

4 February 2011

Another Easy Tiger Parents Programme starting next Monday. Looking forward
to kick the programme off. We have maximum numbers attending next week.
All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what
their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day
toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose. Brian Tracy

2 February 2011

See my latest article 'Domestic Violence and Abuse Go Orders' here:
The government hasn't introduced the GANG INJUNCTION for young people yet,
though they intend to if the pilot with adult gang members works. I'm glad
they haven't introduced it for young people yet because it's not more
injunctions, jails and criminalization that young people need, but PROPER
help to stay out of gangs, not join them in the first place. Young people
join gangs because gangs fill massive gaps and VOIDS in their lives. What
they need is something positive to replace the gang mentality first, before
taking this, their survival strategy away from them!!
The government has decided to launch a GANG INJUNCTION in England and Wales
yesterday, restricting the movements of adults believed to be gang members.
This includes police having on the spot powers to stop gang members meeting
each other and going into certain neighbourhoods.
Good news that the parents and community's petition to stop the government
closing down 7 - SEVEN - Children's Centres in Stoke has been a fantastic
success today!! Government did a U turn! Sadly, it decided to close other
facilities in the area that are used by people with disabilities and the
elderly :-(

1 February 2011

I truly believe that when we are ready, the teacher will appear! I've seen
this happen several times in my life and was thankful for the teacher
appearing when they did as apposed to when I thought I wanted them