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Don't take our word for it. See what some Parents and Clients had to say.


"If it was not for this course I would not have achieved so much in such a short period of time with my son. We have bonded a lot more. There’s a massive difference in him – he shines now and seems to have ‘grown up’ over the last few weeks. Both school and grandparents have also noticed the difference in him.

School have decided to offer me a paid job starting January 2010 because, they said, of how much my son has progressed and how much we have bonded, as a result of the Easy Tiger Parents programme.

I really enjoyed this course and it has helped me with my confidence and gave me the motivation to continue with and focus more on my job-search for the career I want. I would have given up before. Every week/session was great."
Lance, Children’s Centre Parent

"Jennifer taught me that for me to create a happier environment, I need to be happy within myself. I can use exercises, that are fantastic, and I’m automatically going to walk out of here with my head held high!

This Course has helped me to look at my life so much more positively and different and if I ever get down, there are so many exercises that I can do.

It’s Ok To Be A Parent! Course is like a breath of fresh air! It has shown me how to change negative thinking into positive thinking and by doing that I’m calmer and feel a much stronger person completely."

Sonya Burton, Burnt Tree Children’s Centre Parent

"I really enjoyed this course. It gave me a chance and time to evaluate my life and how it can be changed using small steps. I haven’t felt like this for a long time and I was close to tears, and the staff were too, because they were so happy for me. What I have learnt from this course will be with me now throughout my life. Step Up! International – all the answers to my questions!"

Kerry, Cradley Heath & Old Hill Sure Start Parent


"We get lots of families referred to us by Social Workers. I felt that we needed something more intense and a new approach.

When I got Easy Tiger Parent System™ information I thought that “this is great! Wow!” I thought some parents might be scared but I thought it would be good for their development and their learning. The programme was really good and as you know one of the parents has been taken off the child protection register as a result of it."
Dee Tuohy, Senior Family Support Worker, Bordesley Green East Children's Centre

"I have been trained to deliver other programmes, but I bought Easy Tiger Parent System™ because it is something that the other programmes are not! Easy Tiger Parent System™ focuses on the parents whereas others focus on behaviour management of the children. The emphasis with Easy Tiger Parent System™ is on the parents and this is what parents need."
Mandy Dyhouse, Bellfield Children's Centre Coordinator

"The parents and the Children's Centre really valued Easy Tiger Parent System™. It was successful and we liked it. We will run the course again. I bought it as it sounded like something the parents would value as there was a group of parents with esteem issues and Easy Tiger Parent System™ touched on some interesting elements and fitted a number of interesting boxes and areas to meet parents’ needs. Some parents might be feeling guilty about balancing their work and personal life.

The outcome for us at the Children’s Centre and for parents was very positive."
Richard Beckett, Burnt Tree Children’s Centre Manager

"I bought the Easy Tiger Parent System™ because it was highly recommended by Sue Berry at Bertram Rd. Children's Centre. I was dissatisfied with another parents programme because it was a bit of a hit and miss programme and the parents were not moving forward. I was looking for a good alternative programme and Easy Tiger Parent System™ was a good alternative programme. You (Jennifer McLeod) sold the programme really well!

The reasons we bought the Easy Tiger Parent System™ again are:

- the previous parents really enjoyed it and said how very worthwhile it was;
- Because you work with the parents from an holistic perspective and not just pick out certain things.
- It helps parents to look forward to the future and with their aspirations.”

"The Easy Tiger Parent System™ Graduates are now looking forward to what they are doing now and in the future."
Julia Thornton, Oaklands Park Children's Centre, manager