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30 June 2010

I thought this was an interesting read by www.ekklesia.co.uk
"In recent years, the small number of
Christians who turn up to protest against Pride have been vastly outnumbered
by the Christians participating in it." www.christiansatpride.com

29 June 2010

Lack of Money Perceived to Reduce Family Quality Time

In connection with last week's article entry, research has demonstrably proven that shortage of money can reduce the amount of time a family spends together. According to Peter Russell, the average family nowadays spends a mere amount of 49 minutes together daily. Natural bonding as well as the appropriate conveyance of values appear to be getting lost in that limited time frame.

 More than two-thirds of parents believe that in order to spend quality time with their children, a certain amount of cash is needed arguably for entertainment purposes. Parents and children alike believe that quality time revolves around spending their income. However, many overlook the fact that the strength of relationships can be improved via various other, less money-consuming activities.

Now during summer-time picnics in the park/garden and visits to the local playground are perfect destinations for soaking up the sun, and if the weather does not permit countryside outings, then these old, dusty board games stored away in cupboards can be of great use towards an entertaining family afternoon. Therefore, spending time together as a family does not necessarily mean to be spending loads of money even though consumerism likes to pond on the fact that the quality of life increases with the products we purchase.

Especially children seem to be magically drawn towards the colourful world of advertising which is why it is ever more so important to teach children the value of money at an early stage of their young life. Some parents do not see the correlation between shopping and stress. Going out to acquire products for and together with your children is not a very peaceful way of spending time together depending on the demands of the child and the gap between the child's expectations and the parents' disposition to fulfil these expectations.

Ever more often, it is important to leave the world of consumerism and consumption behind, relax and unwind. Only if the parents are at ease, it is possible to truly enjoy quality time and enhance and strengthen family relationships.

If you are interested in further information on how to manage your money effectively, why not attend one of our courses.

25 June 2010

"If you raise your children to feel that they can accomplish any goal or task they decide upon, you will have succeeded as a parent and you will have given your children the greatest of all blessings."

Brian Tracy
Today's the day! Off to my Step Up! To Your Confidence Course

24 June 2010

I'm onto my final preparations for tomorrow's Step Up To Your Confidence
'It is far better to be free to govern or misgovern yourself than to be
governed by anybody else'. Kwame Nkrumah
Just come back from an amazing mind-blowing workshop with Martin Williams on
7 Steps to increase Assets & Profitability of your business. The man is
seriously good!!! He filled so many gaps for me today in business growth and
development. Brilliant!
Parents behaving more confidently and authoritatively on week 4 of Easy
Tiger Parents Programmes
Remember I shared with you just few weeks ago that I have 3 parents on one
of my current Easy Tiger Parents Programmes whose children are hitting them.
Well, now that the parents have been given the tools to manage themselves
generally as an individual in their own right, as a partner and as a parent,
it is now time to focus on the children's behaviour. We will spend the whole
session next week dealing with this but only from a position of giving the
parents the tools to manage THEMSELVES within the situation and tools for
them to support their children to learn to communicate their wishes and
feelings without lashing out. I believe that children's behaviour is simply
a form of communication that something is wrong! Notice that the focus is
always on the parents to MANAGE the situation to affect CHANGE!
Meeting this morning and sales/profitability workshop. All day event but I
have some final preparations to do for tomorrow's Step Up! To Your
Confidence Course. Delegates are waiting in anticipation of and I am Looking
forward to it

23 June 2010

Finished some preparation for Step Up! To Your Confidence Course Friday 25
June 2010
Creating a job description and contract of employment for admin assistant
Money skills can be taught to children from a very young age. For more information, follow this link: http://www.mainstreet.com/article/family/kids/tips-parents-teach-money-skills-any-age.
This quote has come to me again for the third time in a row: "When the door
is closed, you must learn to slide across the crack of the sill." Yoruba
Proverb. And I'm listening and looking at new ways of getting my service out
there to liberate more parents and to enlighten more professionals and
parents about self harm
Just 2 days to go for my Step Up! To Your Confidence Course. Looking forward
to a dynamic, exhilarating day
'When people say it's not the money, it's the principle, it's the money!'
Stuart Wilde. Parents Manage Your Money! Tele-Seminar/Tele-Conference 11
August 2010. Join here

22 June 2010

Easy Tiger Parents Programmes today. Last week and this week - HUGE
Breakthrough weeks for parents!
How easy is it to pass on the right values to your children about money? See
my blog www.jennifermcleod.co.uk

Parents and Money

Managing disposable income and passing on the right values about dealing with financial matters is not always an easy task for parents. Many caregivers do not realize in what ways their money can go to waste and miss out on savings opportunities. In times of recession, financial matters seem to be top priority of many among us. A great risk to the parents' financial budget are the so called "boomerangers" – graduates and young adults who due to financial problems or relationship breakups have been forced to move back in with their parents.
Monetary problems, however, are not always the result of a financial crisis but are often self-induced. Many new parents start making wrong decisions financially as soon as their baby is born. Instead of investing in long-term saving plans for university, they overspend on clothing, cribs, push chairs, etc. without realising that most of these newly bought items will only be in use for just about a year. When money is short, parents could opt for hand-me-downs or go to second-hand shops and yard or car boot sales. The problem is, that the money-spending pattern of parents will reflect on their children. If parents are likely to spend money more generously they can actually afford to, chances are that their children will end up in debt as well.

In order to avoid this scenario, parents should feel inclined to talk about the taboo topic money to their children. These money lessons should take place as an early age as possible. Thanks to advertising and television, children can comprehend what money can buy at a very early stage in life. Therefore, it is important to pass on the values of money to children from a very young age onwards. Another problem is that in our digitalised word electronic gadgets for children are becoming increasingly expensive. The only way for children to learn how to handle money is via learning from their parents, e.g. by giving them a weekly spending budget. One has to keep in mind that parents also function as teachers, educators and promoters of their own personal values.
For a company like Step Up! International, it is a priority to educate parents on managing their money so that they can pass on these values to their children. 

21 June 2010

'The moment you move out of the way, you make room for the miracle to take
place.' Dr Barbara King. How are you standing in your way?

18 June 2010

Meeting in Leicester this morning; networking with the Womens Business Club
lunch time; 2 short meetings this afternoon and preparation for my
exhibition tomorrow at the Health Day Exhibition

17 June 2010

When does self harm turn to suicide? See my blog 'Self Harm and Suicide'
Carers' Week 14 - 20 June 2010 www.carersweek.org
; an opportunity for children, young people
and adults who perform a carer's role to get some recognition for the
tireless work that they do
Last opportunity to join us on the Step Up! To Your Confidence Course next
Friday 25 June 2010. Book your place here

I have a HEALTH DAY exhibition coming up Saturday 19 June 2010 promoting
self harm awareness for adults and young people. It's at Menzies High
School, Clarkes Lane, West Bromwich, West Midlands, B71 2BX. Do come along
and find out more and tell others who might be able to benefit from this
FREE event. See you there
Got a meeting early July 2010 with HMYOI in Kent with 'Her Majesty'
Today I think abundance, prosperity and wealth into my experience

16 June 2010

The government has just announced that ISA - the new independent
safeguarding authority for people working with children and vulnerable
adults, will not be processing applications 26 July 2010, as previously
planned! These are now halted until govt carries out review of vetting and
barring procedures!??? A lot of tax payers money went into setting up the
ISA and creating new applications which included CRB checks
FREE business association The National Association of Business Owners - sign
up here and put in the referral box 'Jennifer McLeod'. By Jonathon Jay and
co. www.nabo-members.com ; get a free book
also and free seminar

15 June 2010

The saying things 'in a curve' must be the 'weaving magic' thing @Julie
French & @Tony Burgess, from AHA Academy of High Achievers!
One parent described me as 'a real star and brilliant' as he promoted the
Easy Tiger Parents Programme to other parents. He also said ''Jennifer
doesn't do things or say things in a line but in a curve. When you sit and
think about what she's said, it makes so much sense. And she's a bit mad.''
I'll take that as a compliment then! The other good thing is he made sure
that he did everything on time this morning so that he could arrive on time
for the course.
Every parent on one of the Programmes today has changed and taken action to
do something differently as a parent to move their family and their lives
on, since joining the Easy Tiger Parents Programme 3 weeks ago
Today's feedback and Progress review from parents on my Easy Tiger Parents
Programme took a whole hour! This is because parents had achieved so much in
just one week since the last Session. And this is just week 3!
I have been invited to write an article for The Practising Midwife and The
Royal College of Midwives journals. Deadline is early July

Feedback from one of the parents today on my Easy Tiger Parents Programme to the client is: ‘Jennifer is a real star. Absolutely brilliant.’



'Go behind the apparent circumstances of the situation and locate the love
in yourself and in all others involved in the situation.' Mother Teresa

11 June 2010

Been an interestingly challenging week all-round! Hoping my local Salsa club
is still local otherwise I'll be on the hunt for a Salsa club tonight to let
off just a little bit of steam!!! I'm in Birmingham - do you know where the
Friday night salsa club is?

10 June 2010

Very busy month this month. Submission deadline for my Easy Tiger Parent
SystemT tomorrow! In the middle of recruiting, and of course delivering all
these wonderful training programmes just for you
Just 3 and a half hours until Part 1 of Self Harm Awareness & Self Harm
Training. A Tele-conference/Tele-seminar for parents

Part 1 of Self Harm Awareness and Self Harm Training Tele-Seminar takes
place tonight. You still have time to join us. More info here:

http://ping.fm/ZoVUU . Step Up! International is the
first company to provide self harm awareness and self harm training for
parents and their families. This is becoming even more crucial and the
Derrick Bird experience is a classic example of it's necessity
One of the philosophies that I share with parents is that we teach others
how to treat us. Which means that if we are not happy with the way others
are treating us, we need to CHANGE OURSELVES and be the way we want them to
treat us. By being we are educating them about the kind of person that we
are and therefore the kind of respect etc that we deserve and want to have.
'Deal with yourself as an individual worthy of respect and make everyone
else deal with you the same way'. Nikki Giovanni
Could Derrick Bird's actions have been avoided? Read more here
sorry for missing link yesterday

9 June 2010

Could Derrick Bird's actions have been avoided? Read more
Share your VIEWS on PARENTING: how has parenting changed over the last 25
BBC phone call regarding domestic violence in relationships: - the live
discussion took place yesterday on Jonathon Vernon-Smith's show, so it's a
bit late for me, he was hoping to interview me yesterday. That said I was
delivering my Easy Tiger Parent Programme. You can listen to the discussion
though here: www.bbc.co.uk/threecounties and then click 'listen again' and
click on Jonathan Vernon-Smith's show
A thought, prayer and blessings going out to people of Cumbria. First
funeral takes place tomorrow
Diane Abbott going for labour party leadership. Go Diane! She knows what she
stands for and will speak her mind. Will we really see a Black political
leader in Britain? I'd like to say yes, however we are in Britain. Don't
think things have changed as much as USA, but I wish her luck!!
One of the parents whose small son is hitting her, has been on a very well
known parents programme twice. Bless her, she was thinking of doing the
programme for the third time! Until she joined my Easy Tiger Parents
Programme. After just one session, she said that she had learnt enough to
begin to manage the situation differently and a whole lot better! Thank
goodness she chose the Easy Tiger Parents SystemT!
On one of my current Easy Tiger Parents Programmes, there are 3 parents
whose little children are hitting them. Step Up! International & Easy Tiger
Parent SystemT says = 'no hitting' of: parents to children; children to
parents; parents to parents!
Share your VIEWS on Children hitting their Parents
Share your VIEWS on PARENTING: how has parenting changed over the last 25
Are senior managers and chief execs bad parents? See my blog 'Connecting
with your children' www.jennifermcleod.co.uk
The mind can only deal with one thought at a time: positive or negative. We
just need to choose which one want to be dominant in occupying that space
Good morning!

8 June 2010

Had 2 back to back Easy Tiger Parents Programmes today. So glad these
parents are on my programme! More tomorrow
Contacted by the BBC today for radio interview re domestic violence within a
relationship. Speak to them tomorrow. Will keep you posted
I have back to back Easy Tiger Parents Programmes tomorrow.

7 June 2010

I have updated my blogs. For parents info here www.jennifermcleod.co.uk
and for self harm info here:
Tell me what you think
Connecting or Engaging With Your Children

So many parents are not able to "connect" or engage with their children as
they are still holding onto old scripts (and learnt behaviour) from their
own parents. I have let go of a lot of my Read More

Connecting or Engaging With Your Children

So many parents are not able to “connect” or engage with their children as they are still holding onto old scripts (and learnt behaviour) from their own parents. I have let go of a lot of my old scripts as they no longer serve my purpose and I wanted a different experience for my children and to create different possibilities for them. I am not saying that it is an easy thing to do, however, it’s a choice thing, and once you make the DECISION to do something, the decision itself makes the task easier to manage or implement.

My two children now talk of having their own businesses and my eldest son is currently writing his training manual/book series. He’s 19.

There isn’t a right or wrong about people holding onto their old scripts. That said, by doing so, IT affects our children in ways that sometimes we just cant imagine.

Many people think that parenting programmes are for “bad parents” or people on the dole, however, the most senior of chief executives could well be having challenges bonding/engaging with their children. We’re all humans (I hope! ), which means that at different times in our lives we all mess up in one way or another. Life!

Our Easy Tiger Parents Programmes have a non-blaming focus that enables parents to get rid of Emotional Roadblocks™ that might be stopping them engaging or interacting with their children.

As part of our Easy Tiger Parent System™, we offer 1:1 Coaching or Easy Tiger Parents Programmes with groups

Contact us now to see how we can help you to throw out some of those OLD scripts which no longer serve you or meet your needs and that of your children.

Contact us now Or BOOK now onto one of our upcoming EVENTS.

Looking forward to hearing from you or seeing you soon

With Inspirational Blessings
Jennifer McLeod

Born To Win! book Series: Born To Win! Live Your Ultimate Life Vision Today. Get your copy here: http://tinyurl.com/6lf3gj
Some more preparation today getting my materials together for submission to Parenting Academy for my Easy Tiger Parent System, which enables parents to  get rid of Emotional Roadblocks that might be preventing them from engaging or interacting with their children. This non-engagement could very well have a detrimental impact on the children's well-being!
Having some market research done at the moment!
The reason why 'Child Victims of Crime' www.cvoc.org.uk
is such a fantastic childrens charity for us,
Step Up! International, to support is because we know only too well the
impact that crime has on children and in some cases, the self harming
behaviour that ensues as a result. Not to mention the impact of other
aspects of their emotional well being. Check it out and watch this space!
Just been told about a children's charity called 'Child Victims of Crime'
www.cvoc.org.uk and it is just the kind of
children's charity that I have been looking for to contribute to and make a
difference to children's lives. I have all sorts of ideas going through my
head at the moment in terms of how else I could contribute. Check it out!
That's why I deliberately incorporated a Module to help parents become more
organized within the home, so that they have routine and order, which means
that they can free up some time to do some of the things that they really
want to do; some of the things that if they did it, it would make a
difference not only to them, but to their parenting ability and therefore to
their children. A calm and relaxed parent is in a better position to handle
a stressful situation or a situation like sibling rivalry, than a parent who
is constantly stressed and tired.
I went swimming on Saturday, more so for stress relief than anything else. I
was totally chilled out and relaxed for the rest of the day. It worked!
Swimming is one of the mix of exercise that I do on a regular basis. I hear
some parents on my Easy Tiger Parents Programmes say that they are tired or
don't have time to do exercise, and yet it's amazing how much energy you can
gain from a little bit of exercise each day. Even as little as 10 minutes
each day helps.
It is so easy for people to dwell on the past, especially the negative side
of their past, to ensure that it never happens again in the future. Which
means that sometimes we stop ourselves experiencing what we have now and
therefore stop ourselves enjoying it. Today is indeed a new day. Let's make
the most of the abundance that we have in our lives today
'You don't own the future, you don't own the past. Today is all you have.'
Les Brown

5 June 2010

Alternatively, if families wish to attend our day Self Harm Awareness & Self
Harm Training event, they can get more info and Book places here:

http://ping.fm/73UYh It is not just about suicide
and self harm or cutting and self harm, people self harm for a variety of
reasons and there are range of forms of self harm.
We have all by now heard about the tragic situation with Derrick Bird in
Cumbria. Police have now revealed that he self harmed for years. Self
harming is a situation that affects many families and most often than not,
families don't know how to deal with the situation or where to turn for
help. For the first time, and the first company to do this, Step Up!
International is providing Self Harm Awareness & Self Harm Training for
PARENTS or other family members who need that insight. We have a 2 Part
Tele-Seminar coming up from 10 June 2010. the Second Part is on 17 June
2010. For more info and to Book your place go here

'The people who come into our lives are a reflection of who we are. They
reveal to us those things we cannot or refuse to see about ourselves. The
very thing we don't like about our mate is the thing we need to change about
ourselves.' Iyanla Vanzant

4 June 2010

Step Up! International also enables professionals to better engage with and
provide appropriate support for people who self harm
These parents make us look good! They think that we are the ones that have
done it but the reality is we are just the vehicle they needed to be
liberated and they are the ones that have put in the hard work to make a
difference in their lives and the lives of their children.
Step Up! International - 'Liberating Parents and Giving Children Back Their
Parents'. This is what we do best! That is, we enable parents to get rid of
Emotional RoadblocksT that might be preventing them from engaging or
interacting with their children. We liberate parents essentially to be able
to bond with their children, and a bonus for us is when they gain
employment, engage in education - anything from basic to university level or
create community activities for themselves and others.
Have you signed up to the Step Up! To Your Confidence Course yet! Yes?
Great! No? Here's the link:
I didn't realize until last night when I exchanged a message online that I
actually speak 5 languages! Oh my gosh! I wan to be fluent in my French and
Turkish in the next 3 - 4 years. Happy to accept any help :-) . other
languages that I speak are Creole, German and of course English
'I am sick and tired of being sick and tired' Fannie Lou Hamer

3 June 2010

Focusing on my Easy Tiger Parent SystemT today. Submission to the Parenting
Academy by next Friday.
'There comes a time in every situation when difficult decisions must be
made. Making the decisions may make us feel miserable; not to make them is
what makes us miserable failures.' Iyanla Vanzant

2 June 2010

Take a look at our Calendar of Events for 2010 - 2011 here

Is drinking alcohol really a form of self harm? But isn't this a socially
accepted activity? Got a view on this, then share your views here:
I have updated my blog. Take a look here: www.stepup-international.co.uk
'A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.' El-Hajj Malik
El-Shabazz (Malcolm X)
Looking forward to tonight's Junior Apprentice with Lord Sugar. Some pretty
amazing young people. Missed last week's
Still some places for the Step UP! To Your Confidence Course 25 June 2010.
Join here:
Have you got yourself a copy of my Born To Win! book yet? If not you can get
a copy here http://tinyurl.com/kojutv or from Amazon.co.uk

1 June 2010

My children are amazing! My eldest son is writing a sports manual/book
series and he interviewed me Sunday as a former martial arts European
Champion. He was absolutely buzzing with energy! And I felt really
exhilarated after the interview had finished
Just 24 days to go before my Step Up! To Your Confidence Course. We have
some places left, however, book now to secure your place

Spent some time connecting with people offline today - fantastic
connections, fantastic feeling just connecting with people just for the hell
of it!