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30 November 2010

'Prosperity is living easily and happily in the real world whether you have
money or not' Jerry Gillies
One of current Easy Tiger Parent programmes finishes next week. Aaahh! But
great to allow the parents to fly off now that they have grown extra wings

28 November 2010

Enjoy the rest of your weekend :-)
TOP TIP: for helping people untangle their mixed up feelings: restate their
problem as a Question. For instance, "so the problem seems to be: How do you
express that you are feeling unloved at home (without self harming)?"

27 November 2010

Remember I said that I was interviewed Thursday 25 November 2010 on BBC 3
Counties Radio regarding Go Orders that the government's introduced to evict
perpetrators of domestic abuse out of their own homes, here's the link to
my interview http://tinyurl.com/3ymogje or here
listening from 2:36 minutes. Let me know what you think
Thanks to all who forwarded links to my Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour
Course or commented on my blogs. We had some great delegates attending
yesterday who saw our info online. Thank YOU
A great Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour Course yesterday! And taken to a
whole new level by delegates' personal experiences. Brilliant!

25 November 2010

Greetings to all those celebrating Thanksgiving Day. Have a great one with
abundant blessings coming your way
Had my interview on BBC 3 Counties Radio, on the Jonathan Vernon-Smith
Consumer Show. As soon as the replay is available I will let you have the
link, or alternatively you can go here
I'm being interviewed today by BBC 3 Radio at 13.35pm GMT about the new Go
Orders - govt plans to evict domestic violence perpetrators. What are the
implications for all concerned? Read more here
'GO ORDERS' - new government proposal to evict domestic violence
perpetrators from their homes for up to 4 weeks whether they have been
charged or not. Read more here www.stepup-international.co.uk
Did you know that TWO WOMEN are killed each week due to domestic violence?
'The moment you move out of the way, you make room for the miracle to take
place.' Dr Barbara King

24 November 2010

Due to my son's research on nutrition, and his Nutrition Plans for people
experiencing depression leading to self harm, i have also discovered why the
doctor told me that my cholesterol level had increased! I'm eating more eggs
these days to help with low blood sugar, and hence the increase in
cholesterol. Hhhhmmm! More on the Nutrition Plans later

23 November 2010

My son has discovered the connection between diet/nutrition, depression and
self harm. Brilliant! More on this later!
Just couple more days before my Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour Course
in Birmingham.

18 November 2010

My Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour Course is just one week away.
Finalizing a few logistical preparations. Watch out for our next Open
national event Spring 2011
Having a new broadband provider today - looking for an easy transition

15 November 2010

God grant me the serenity to accept the things that I cannot change, the
courage to change the things that I can, and the wisdom to see and know the
Government benefit to work proposal likely to create great rifts within
families and break strained family ties and relationships
The key to success is NOT to do what others do and say; it is to KNOW you
can, believe you can and do what you can do to the best of your ability!! If
you know what to expect from yourself, you will always LIVE up to your
greatest expectation!

10 November 2010

Not so much in favour of the vandalism but definitely in favour of students
protesting against excessive uni fees! Appalling! What are WE doing to our
young people! Their in debt before they even start out in the real world!
Super hiked up fees in two years time just as my youngest son leaves school.
Yipppeee! NOT!
Just sent off a very slight amendment to the proof for my 'self harm and
pregnancy' article with Midwives.

9 November 2010

Just been told that my article on 'self harm and pregnancy' will be run as
the cover feature of 'Midwives' magazine later this month. Looking forward
to seeing it and will let you know when it is published! Feeling good!
Some parents on my Easy Tiger Parents Programme mistakenly think that
TEENAGERS don't want to be shown love! MISTAKE!! Who doesn't want to be
loved? Or shown love? We all do, don't we? How we receive it is what makes
the difference, isn't it? Yes our teens definitely want to be shown love.
Even just a physical connection from us such as pat on our teen's head,
knee, elbow etc is enough for them to know that we care. So go on - show
your teen some love!

1 November 2010

A parent on one of my Easy Tiger Parents Programme asked me if I thought
decorating her home would help her to lift her spirits. I left that thought
with her and looking forward to hearing her answer tomorrow at the next
session. I took couple days off last week painting with my son and I feel
absolutely fantastic, energized and uplifted! Feel great looking at what
we've achieved together
Shame Radio show with Voice America didn't meet my expectations. Now looking
for the next opportunity. Next!
Just last few places left on The Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour Course,
26 November 2010, in Birmingham. See more info here