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30 October 2010

My editorial is in the Primary Care Today newspaper/journal this coming week
- entitled: 'Exposed.. NHS staff lack self harm training'. Will let you know
how you can get your copy or access it online
Had a great chilled out few days this week with my son! Feel refreshed and
ready for the new week ahead!

27 October 2010

"Let's not confuse hasty decisions with strength or intelligence. It's
important to be decisive - after giving consideration that reflects the time
you have and what's at stake." Bill Blackman

26 October 2010

When one door closes another one opens! About 3 weeks ago I gave notice to
my Aerobics instructor that I would not be returning to the classes. It was
a particular aerobics programme combined with weight loss (we are weighed
every week), which is just what I needed, however, due to my hypoglyceamic
condition, I have to eat often. As you can image, due to eating often I have
and continue to gain weight, hence leaving the aerobics programme because I
felt that I was setting myself up to fail. That said, the following week I
discovered that my local leisure centre was starting a circuit training
programme on the same evening that I used to do aerobics. I signed up
straight away! So I'm still keeping fit and healthy but without the stress
of and focus on whether I've lost weight or not. I have an upcoming hospital
appointment next month to find out the extent of my condition. This concept
of one door closing and another opening is just a simple example in my life

What do you need to let go of in order that you can move forward? An
argument? A relationship? A job? Certain friends? Change will only happen
when you create space for the new thing to come into your life. When is NOW
the right time for you to let go!? Have an inspirational filled week and
On one of my Easy Tiger Parents programmes, many of the parents are
extremely anxious for one reason or another. I normally do my own relaxation
or meditation as part of the programme, with this particular group I feel I
need a little extra help - one of my relaxation CDs. My intention is to
liberate them so that they leave the programme leaving calm, enabled, ready,
willing to take more risks, bonded with their children and generally
It's half term in Birmingham and the West Midlands this week. If you have
children, how are you spending your time together? My son and I did some
painting on Sunday and will spend another day tomorrow. I am very impressed
with his painting skills given that he's only ever painted his bedroom walls
before. He was as proud as punch and felt that he had a 'productive' day.
Writing my proposal today for my Radio Show. If all goes well, we go live
this winter. Will keep you posted

22 October 2010

Will look at spec for a new Radio Talk Show online that I have been
approached by Voice America to host. If the spec is right, then the show
will go live this winter. Will keep you posted
I had a really good circuit training session yesterday evening. Brilliant!
Feeling great. For people who are feeling down, depressed, lethargic -
exercise is a great medicine. Check it out! Fantastic medicine for people
who value their bodies
Leadership Quote: "A friendship founded on business is a good deal better
than a business founded on friendship."- John D. Rockefeller

21 October 2010

I'm in the middle of re-drafting my editorial for Primary Care Today
publication. Surprising how much time writing articles and editorials can
take! However, persevering!
Awful news - mother commits suicide following her son's suicide. Read more
here: http://tinyurl.com/33cpt6b
Just 6 Places left on my Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour Course, 26
November 2010 in Birmingham. More info here:


20 October 2010

I've got some really anxious parents on one of my new Easy Tiger Parents'
Programmes! I normally do my own relaxing and meditation exercises as part
of the programme with parents, however with this particular group of
parents, I think some extra help is needed - one of relaxation CDs as well.
The calmer they are, the more they'll be able to absorb and make the most of
the tools and solutions from the programme. Looking forward to it!
Full of beans and energy these days, now that I am able to get back to my
exercises after my mini op. Feeling great! This is a great testimony for
anyone feeling low in energy or lethargic - start exercising and notice the
difference it makes in your energy levels and mindset.
'I know there is a power for good in the universe and I call up on that
power to perfect every condition in my life.' Iyanla Vanzant

15 October 2010

Here what young people have to say about how our society is failing them
regarding mental health issues http://tinyurl.com/22w49ny

14 October 2010

Places are filling up, however, we still have some places left on The
Psychology of Self Harm & Behaviour Course, 26 November 2010. Secure your
place now to avoid disappointment

9 October 2010

Glad Cheryl brought back Treyc Cohen on the X Factor. Thought she did her a
real disservice last week not selecting as a finalist at judges house. I
agree with Simon Cowell that her vocals were the best of all the contestants
"Most people's lives are a direct reflection of the expectations of their
peer group." Tony Robbins. Basically, choose your environment and choose
your friends!

8 October 2010

Another 2 delegates from London signed up today for The Psychology of Self
Harm & Behaviour Course, 26 November 2010. check it out here:

Just had my numbers confirmed for parents joining my new Easy Tiger Parents
Programme next week - 10 parents. Another 5/6 parents yet to confirm. I work
with a maximum of 12 parents so that they get their needs met.
I have just been invited for a radio interview on BBC 3 Counties radio
station, west midlands, to discuss Domestic Violence. "Would you ever
forgive a partner for hitting you?" is the focus of the show. Listen in if
you can http://ping.fm/hDqu5 or check
out the iPlayer link to listen after the show

6 October 2010

Got one of my articles accepted for publication in a midwives magazine.
Another article just needs a slight amendment and tweaking before another
magazine accepts it
Oh well, start of another new Easy Tiger Parents Programme next week -
yeahhhhh :-)
Finished another great Easy Tiger Parents Programme yesterday. I always have
mixed feelings at the end of a programme. Happy that the parents have grown
so much; are in a different space and place emotionally; are different
parents; have risen to the challenges I have thrown at them; and leave the
programme walking 10ft tall. Add I'm sad to see them go!
"Sow an act, and you reap a habit; sow a habit, and you reap a character;
sow a character, and you reap a destiny."
George Dana Boardman

4 October 2010

Final session of one of my Easy Tiger Parents Programmes tomorrow. Can't
wait to see how the parents have grown since last week! A brand new
programme starts next week too and looking forward to that!
"The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second
listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching
others." Solomon Ibn Gabriol