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How Do You Stop Or Deal With Manipulative Parents?

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29 April 2011

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26 April 2011

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22 April 2011

Happy Easter to all those celebrating it!

19 April 2011

Had my first morning walk this morning for nearly a year. Felt absolutely
fantastic and refreshing! Passersby had the pleasure of me singing too :-)

9 April 2011

QUESTION: HELP! Anyone know How to send blogs to Wordpress website from your
Microsoft Outlook? I can send them to Blogger but haven't quite worked out
how to do this from wordpress

4 April 2011

I contacted one of my best clients today and they've told me that they had
to release 4 staff last week! I've put off asking them about my next
assignment. Cameron you really need to do much better!!!! People losing
their jobs for the government to mop up its own mess is simply not on!!
My son's off on his Duke of Edinburgh camping trip tomorrow. His rucksack is
sure heavy!!!
Last day of one of my Easy Tiger Parents Programmes today! And Certificates
for parents too!
Hope all MUMS celebrating MOTHER'S DAY yesterday had a truly wonderful day,
time and experience. For those of us who no longer have our mums, focus on
the precious moments that they gave you. With love - Jennifer x

2 April 2011

Education Inspirational Speech for Parents by Khang Tuong Nguyen - 11 Years
Old. Is this young man off to a great start or what?


Education Inspirational Speech for Parents by Khang Tuong Nguyen

Is this young man off to a great start or what?

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1 April 2011

The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for
the circumstances they want, and, if they can't find them, make them. ~
George Bernard Shaw